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Our system gathers Savings Offers from local Service Providers and Merchants, and creates a Discount Club that is specific to your community. Many different Civic & School Groups can then sell this "Club Membership" as a profitable fundraiser. Your donation gets you great deals all Year long and it helps students reduce the cost of participating in the training and development provided by their Arts, Athletic and Academic Organizations.

Keeps on Working

Our system has everyday deals, and it also lets our business partners offer special "One Time Only" and "Extra Value" deals. Using just a few of these discounts pays back your donation amount many times over. New businesses can join at any time and all the partners have the option to update their discounts on a seasonal basis. This means that Your Annual Membership never loses its value because there is Always Something New to discover.

More than Before

Our Platform was designed from the beginning to make it profitable to support local student organizations. However, what we soon realized was that we had an opportunity to create more ways for the community to build stronger connections. One way we do this is by hosting a "Community News" feature that keeps you up to date on local events, service opportunities, special savings offers and chances to win prizes from our partners.

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