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The Hubbub Local service and support platform helps organizations, regardless of size or sophistication, maximize their fundraising returns while reducing the burden on their volunteer leaders. Our program collects multiple savings offers from a variety of top local merchants and service providers to create a community-specific Discount Club that runs right on the users phone. Students sell club memberships to their friends, family, neighbors and the public to "Raise more than ever before". Our product is easy to sell because it gives the members a full year of value and it saves them many times the cost of their donation.
Boost Your Sales


♦ Payment by Credit/Debit Card increase sales by making it easier for donors to give, and it opens up new ways to connect to more donors.
♦ Custom Sales Flyers promote sales even if the student is not present.
Social Media tools: Custom sales links help students sell more memberships when they send out Email & Social Media requests for support.
New Direct Donation option lets local businesses and supporters near and far make a cash donation to directly sponsor the student.
Platform Sales: Many potential supporters are never asked for their help (no seller in their neighborhood, they live in a no solicitation zone, or they work and shop in the community but live elsewhere). They can follow the simple steps on our In Store Signs to donate to your organization.

Real Assistance


Running a successful self-directed fundraiser requires your volunteer leaders to have a great deal of experience and time. Most organizations need help in this area, so we create a solution that change the circumstances around the fundraising process.
The way we do this is by giving you a Platform Pro to take on the vast majority of the burden of running your fundraiser. We recruit a local resident to be your Community Captain, then train them how to use our platform to get you the highest returns with the least impact on your time. They make all the preparations for your campaign, and then they run a Kick-Off event that shows your students how to use our simple sales program. They give you mid-point report that tracks you students' sales progress, and then close the campaign with a joint audit of proceeds and incentives.

Hey... Thanks !


A very important aspect of fundraising is to make sure the donor knows that their help is appreciated. Our platform sends a custom donation receipt and a thank you from your group. Later, a follow-up message can let them know how the events, competitions, activities etc... turned out and what improvement your students have made as a result of the donor's support.
Your Community Captain works with you to prepare these messages and then they handle all of these connections so there is no extra work on your part. Finally at the end of their discount club membership term (1 yr.), we will send a membership renewal notice to the donor that lets them continue supporting Your Organization without anyone knocking on their door. The Hubbub Local Platform works for you to take the chaos out of fundraising and turn it into Your Cheers!