Details about how Hubbub Local serves Your Community
Hubbub Local is a marketing services provider and a fundraising support specialist. Our principal product is based on the best elements from classic Proven Shop | Save | Support ® programs. Like these other systems, our students sell a collection of discounts that save the user many times the cost of their donation. However rather than using a printed format, our program runs on a fast and secure electronic framework that was created to operate on the one thing that is always with the user... Their cell phone! This format gives us more flexibility and lets us focus on performance, convenience, and delivering a much wider variety of Local Deals with more options, all while providing a lasting yearlong value and promoting more sales.

Marketing that makes a Difference
We built a "Deals Engine" for our program to help merchants create a variety of savings offers that will attract shoppers to their businesses. Since they have the ability to control the frequency and number of uses for each deal, our partners are able to provide more valuable discounts without exhausting their marketing budget. These deals are combined to make a community-specific "Discount Club" that is accessed on the user's phone for a full year from the time of purchase. New partners can join at anytime and each deal can be updated on a seasonal basis; this means that there is Always Something NEW to Discover and members get an entire year of value. These features make it easy for our students to sell Club Memberships as a high volume AND high return fundraiser. Our merchant partners also like this format because redeeming these deals is quick and easy for the merchant's employees and the program builds loyalty while at the same time bringing in more customers.

One Platform many Functions and Features
To boost fundraising totals, our program provides our Student sellers with powerful tools that lets them reach more donors (sales flyers, posters, and social media/email links), gives their supporters more ways to contribute to the students' goals (Club memberships and direct donations), and helps them make more sales (payment by credit/debit card). In addition to delivering great value all year, our system also improves the buyer's experience by sending them a thank you note and a donation receipt, both of which increase the likelihood that they will support these student groups for years to come.

Our Sales Tools, Systems and Leadership help you Meet or Exceed your Goals

Student participation in extracurricular programs has been linked to a better academic outcome, an improved degree of socialization, and a greater likelihood of attending college. Despite these facts fewer than 6 out of 10 students are engaged in these types of programs. The principal reason given for the lack of participation is affordability. Hubbub Local was created provide the resources and leadership necessary to help students and their families overcome this roadblock.
     Our sales boosting tools not only help students make more sales, but they also let families who need additional help extend their sales so that they can "Earn Back" most, if not all, of their participation fees. Other features, such as InStore sales, email/social media links and a "Direct Sponsorship" option give students and their organizations more ways to reach their goals.
Designed to Amplify the Value of Each Contribution

The Hubbub Local program transforms our business partners' discounts into actual dollars that can be used to support students and their organizations. It does this by delivering special savings offers to the users who have purchased a Discount Club Membership. These members save many times the cost of their donation, and since these discounts are updated on a seasonal basis they also get a full year of savings.
For their contributions, our business partners get a valuable & powerful marketing channel that helps them grow their bottom line by connecting them to Proven Loyal local customers. Likewise, the efficiencies provided by our secure mobile platform allow us to give back a very high return to participating student organizations. Not only that, we provide resources and active assistance for the group's fundraiser so that the burden on the volunteer leaders is greatly reduced.
Our Goal: Grow Locally and Scale Nationally

The goal for Hubbub Local is to expand beyond our own hometowns by growing both in Scope and in Scale. This is only possible because we recruit and train a local resident to become a Hubbub Local "Captain". They serve the students, business partners and public supporters by taking charge of the discount savings program, the fundraising campaigns and local marketing needs for their community. A very generous revenue split and the fact that they build an ownership interest in their efforts ensures that our Captains give the same great service we as founders would give. Our goal is to continue expanding the number of communities we serve until we reach a point where we will have enough inertia to begin implementing the secondary growth opportunities that will help us increase the returns for our student groups and local business partners.


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