Community Captains: They are what make us Different

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What is their Role & Why are Community Captains Needed?

Local Leaders need Help so their Organizations can reach their Goals

Almost all student organizations are led by parent volunteers, however ongoing changes to the family dynamic and work-life balance constraints means that fewer parents are available to serve in this capacity. This reduction in the number of volunteers also means that there are fewer individuals with enough experience to be successful with more advanced leadership duties such as running fundraisers and soliciting direct support from local businesses. The loss of this ability to generate outside funds can cause participation fees to increase to the point where the activity is no longer affordable for many families. To prevent this from happening student organization often seek outside help for their fundraisers.

Getting the Right Kind of Help

Working with a third party fundraising program can be a good way for understaffed organizations or new leaders to reach their goals without over burdening their volunteers. Unfortunately, these programs can be costly, especially for smaller groups, and the value of their products often is debatable leading to a great deal of donor dissatisfaction. A quality program will help groups of all sizes and sophistication levels maximize their fundraising potential, and at the same time: 1) bring lasting value to the organization's donors (they want to give again next year), 2) be easy to sell and deliver a high net return for each item sold, and 3) provide materials and resources that makes the process safer, more effective and more convenient for everyone involved... and oh Yes, be run by a Community Captain.

Our Platform takes the Lead

We put a great deal of thought into the creation of our "Discount Club" platform. We developed custom fundraising and marketing systems that give our program the ability to AMPLIFY everyone's contribution, by being more efficient, easier to manage and more rewarding. A top feature that makes us the best choice for most Student Organizations and Local Merchants is our unique service model. Since we can not be physically present in every community where hubbub local operates, we developed a training program that teaches a local resident how to ensure each partners' best chance for success. This local expert is our Community Captain and they conduct all the preparations and then they are present to run the fundraising and marketing campaigns in their own Hometown.


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