It's Your Community
Get Connected & Build Loyalty
to Grow Your Business

Join the Hubbub Local Platform and use our custom deals engine to attract new and returning customers to your business with discounts that you Control.
Our system lets you create multiple offers to target a different customer types. To keep interest high update your deals on a seasonal basis and to you protect your marketing budget use our control systems to regulate the frequency and number of times a deal can be used.
The deals engine dynamically combines all of these local deals to create a community specific "Discount Club" that works right on the user's phone. Students participants from local organizations sell our annual "Club Membership" as a very profitable Fundraiser. Their supporters, in turn, become your best customers.

Consumer responses to "Discount" marketing campaigns are fairly predictable. New users are the most active, followed by super savers, and finally the largest and least active group that we call opportunity customers.
We designed our platform's systems to address each of these groups in a purposeful fashion that helps partners grow their business and boost their bottom line.

Our platform combines our fundraising, marketing and discount club systems to create an extremely efficient program that is more profitable and rewarding for the discount club members and our business and organization partners.
We built powerful sales tools into our platform (payment by credit/debit card, custom sales flyers, and individual links for social media/email sales) that help students connect to more donors and make more sales, and that means more customers for our business partners.
Our club memberships expire one year from the date of purchase. That means many different Arts, Athletic, & Academic groups can set their own schedule during the year to sell club memberships to their supporters. This not only creates a steady flow of new customers, it also results in a greater diversity of consumers that more closely reflects the makeup of your community.
An important step in building loyalty with club members is giving them more information about you and your business. To do this we have them view your business biography when they view or redeem your deals. This "Bio" lets you tell your story using a short written message, images, your address, a link to your Google profile, and links to your social media, website, or loyalty program.
We designed our "Deals Engine" so that each business partner could create multiple discounts that appeal to different customer segments. For example deals we label as Value Plus are designed to strongly motivate new or former customers to visit your business (i.e. Free oil change, BOGO Date-night dinner, etc...). Classic deals (i.e. 10% off) keep the regulars coming in and Sponsored deals are coupon-like in that anyone (member or non-member; from any community) can save when they redeem it at your location.
The largest segment of this group are residents who for whatever reason have not been asked to join the Discount Club. Perhaps they live in "No Solicitation" zone, they were not home when the student stopped by, or their house just did not have anyone make a sales call.
The next most numerous pool of potential Club members (customers) are the non-residents who work, shop or pass through your community, and the final segments are people who initially decided not to join, but would now like be members.
Each of these Non-Members can follow the simple instructions on our InStore sign to become instant members so they get all the deals at your business. The next time they go out to lunch or do some shopping they are more likely to come to your business because they remember that you have great deals and that you support your community.

Our program was designed to "Work for You" and the support begins when we train a resident to be your "Community Captain". They lead the way at every step and make sure that you get the most benefit from our program.
After setting up your account (deals & controls, logos, graphics, business bio, links to your website or loyalty programs etc...), they work with you to interpret your usage data, and then they help you reset your deals and add seasonal offers to attract even more customers.
Finally, our Captains lead the fundraising efforts of local groups who are using our platform to ensure that they are as successful as possible. This means more "Club Members", and that means more customers for you.